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Mixed Print Dress You Must Have…


Hello friends… I’ve gone MIA on you all again, and I’m so sorry. I have yet to find a balance between work and blogging. If someone has any answers, please leave them in the comments. Now the reason I’m here… When I started blogging, the one thing I wanted was to work with New York and Company, and thus the reason I’m here today sharing my beautiful dress with you all.

You know, while browsing your favorite sites, and run across an outfit that leaves you speechless, well that was me with this dress. The colors were bright and vibrant and I knew it was for me, and it was a maxi dress. The different prints in this dress is really what WON my heart. Isn’t she a beauty. So, as I always do every morning, go through emails, and to my surprise I had received an email about working with my favorite store of all time New York and Company. I hope you can hear the excitement in my voice, because I was so happy.

When I received the dress, it was like Christmas and I was five years old, too excited about opening it. All types of styling options came into my head, because let’s face it, you could pair this dress with so many colors and look good. New York and Company never disappoints when it comes to dresses, always so feminine. If you’ve never bought anything from them, trust me you’re missing out. This style of dress is flattering for any body type. You can tighten the belt to really show off that define waist. For me that was an added bonus, because I’ve put on a few extra pounds. So why not, play on your best features, and make it work!


As always thank you for stopping by, I appreciate everyone’s support. I want to also thank New York and Company for sponsoring this post, and look forward to a long lasting relationship with them.



Until next time,





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