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When Blue and Floral Meet…


Ok… friends I must confess that I have a problem. Know it’s not what you’re thinking, I’m addicted to shopping at SHEIN. This brand has won my heart in so many ways, and I can’t get enough. Seeing that this girl is always looking for a bargain, I finally found where I belong (hehe) and you will too once you order from them. Today I will be sharing the floral dress you must have.


I wore this dress to brunch, and let’s just say she was a show stopper. I received so many compliments, especially about the colors in the dress. The detail alone will have you swooning for more. I knew I wanted to focus on the blue in the dress, so in walks my blue pumps, and earrings. Cobalt blue is a strong, yet feminine color. I completed my look with my black bow bag. This dress made me feel like I could conquer anything. Next time you’re looking for a brunch dress or just a day of hanging with the girls, this is “THE” dress. My pumps and bag is no longer available, so I’m sharing ones I know you will love. 

Until next time,



Similar pumps

Bow bag





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