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The gift of Time with Jord Watches…


Father’s Day is fast approaching and I can’t help but put a smile on my face, when I think about my own father. When I was contacted by Jord Watches to collaborate with them, I couldn’t have been happier. In thinking of quality watches, I can only think of one brand that stands out, and that’s Jord Watches. The wood box that it comes in is remarkable in detail, and I couldn’t wait to open to show everyone I know just why they should own one as well. The emerald background on the face of the watch only enhances the overall look of the watch. Everyone needs a great timepiece, that can be passed down, and trust me Jord Watches is one that will withstand the test of time.


Now, this is the type of watch that will never go out of style, just because of the craftsmanship. This would be the perfect watch to give for Father’s Day or a just because gift. When I think of my own father, and all the time I would see him in unique watches, I became fixated with quality watches. As a little girl spending time (no pun attended) with my father was the highlight of my day. Time isn’t guaranteed to any of us, but a quality watch is, and by entering my Jord giveaway you can own a piece of luxury.

Click the link, as one lucky winner will win a $100 towards a Jord Watch, and for all the others who enter will receive a $25 gift card. With a deal like this, everyone wins. This timepiece will go with almost anything I could possibly wear, so thank me later for sharing it with you.  This is the main reason why everyone should own one. When was the last time you purchased a watch that can be styled with anything? The contest will close  June 4, 2017 11:59pm. So why not enter and give that special someone a watch they can be proud of. The watch I fell in love is the Reece Zebrawood & Emerald.

~Hugs and Kisses~



This is a Sponsored post, and all opinions are my own.


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