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Black and white OTS gingham dress…


Hello all, happy Thursday! Just think, I’ve been on vacation and had to cancel my plans to go to Louisiana because I got sick… not a good look. This is first day I actually felt better, so I thought I would share with you the cutest OTS gingham dress from SHEIN. Ok, let’s talk about this company for a minute. I had previously ordered from them, but wasn’t very happy with my choices. I went by the size guide, and let’s just say these things are now on my Poshmark page because they were to small. So I decided to give them another chance, the prices is really what brought me back to them.

Now don’t get me wrong, the prices are beyond reasonable and almost too good to be true, but oh well what’s the worse that could happen. If you’re needing your outfits in a quick delivery, this might not be for you unless you pay more to have it delivered early. It took almost three weeks to get my order, but hey it was well worth the wait. The minute I received the text saying my package was delivered, I instantly started to feel better. I guess no matter how sick I am, receiving packages makes me feel better (yeah I know it’s all in my head) and btw the post office loves me.

The black and white gingham dress really stood out, not because it was another OTS dress, but look at those bell sleeves. Can you say cute… I was initially concern when I put the dress on, felt like it might be a bit snug. Let’s just say I fell in love, and this dress will be in major rotation this summer. I mean it’s black and white, and will look so great with any color shoe, I decided to pair the dress with a pair of blue caged heels. Added my black choker, black box style bag and I was ready to meet the girls for a little light lunch (still not feeling my best) at Ruggles Green in Sugar land, Texas. I hope you like the dress just as much as I do. Until next time!

~Hugs and Kisses~









Ruggles green blackened shrimp salad, quite delicious!



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