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A little bit of lace…


Trends come and go, but this cold shoulder look is one I will never get tired of. It’s amazing how my style has shifted from wearing jeans all the time, to loving dresses. I find that they seem to make me feel more feminine. Now don’t get me wrong, I will never give up my jeans, but this love affair I’m having with cold shoulder dress and off the shoulder dresses is here for a while.

Now let’s talk about this cute number I scored on sale at my local Palais Royal store, sister store to Stage. The dress had the right amount of lace, and the navy color was so pretty, and the material was soft to the touch. Anyone that knows me, trying on clothes is something I don’t enjoy to do, but for some odd reason I needed to see what this dress looked like. As I slipped it over my head, and looked in the mirror, it was SOLD at that moment.

I loved that I was able to find the shoes (which were extremely comfortable) and the purse from the same store to complete the look. A great deal of people sleep on Palais Royal, but I’ve been quite lucky to find some great pieces, for reasonable prices. Doesn’t hurt that I always seem to have a reward.

It’s funny when people ask me where I purchase my dress, and I tell them Palais Royal their response is always, isn’t that an older person store. I don’t know why people feel that way, but as long as they continue to have cute dresses, I’m a customer for LIFE…

Dress: Palais Royal

Shoes: Stage

Bag: Palais Royal

Sunnies: Francescas






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