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The love of Spring…

IMG_0902Spring is here and I’m loving on the color blush. So many times I come across a dress that leaves me speechless, and this off the shoulder lace dress did just that. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, me speechless. Well anyone that knows me, know that I always have something to say. Never speechless….

You see, as I was doing my usual online shopping, I found myself on Stage website, and this dress was the first thing I saw. I thought about it for a minute or two, cause you see I’m suppose to be in ” shopping rehab” but I just couldn’t help myself. This dress had all the elements of Spring so I knew it’s was definitely for me.

As I pondered over whether to order online or go into the store, all I could remember was I ended up at Stage sister store Palais Royal cause with a dress like this, I didn’t want to wait for it. What made the purchase that much better was, it was on sale, and I had rewards so that brought the price down even more.

Now let me tell you, the right shoe will make or break your outfit, and I saw these cute Madden Girl Sandals, and the rest is history. My outfit was finally coming together. Lastly, I Opted for a cute spring floppy hat, and my signature Coach bag. Now my outfit was complete. Let’s just say I’m so elated.

” Lace and off the shoulder, what’s not to Love “




IMG_0906Dress and Shoes: Stage

Bag: Coach Outlet

Bracelet: New York and Company

Floppy Hat: Burlington Coat Factory

Necklace: Charlotte Russe


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