It’s All In The Word…



Happy New Year Friends,

As the new year approach, I knew I had to do something’s differently. When I look back at 2017, I realize there was no “Balance” in my life in regards to professional and personal. So yeah, that’s when it all clicked. My word for 2018, will be balance. This is probably going to be the hardest thing for me to accomplish, but I refuse not to succeed.

I spend about 50 hours a week working, and I give all of me to ensure I’m doing a great job. This is all I know, WORK! WORK! and more WORK. Well not this year. I will make time for the other things in my life that make me happy. It’s crazy, I get invited to outings often, but always seem to find a reason to opt out. The one reason I always use is, I’m tired. I thought about that long and hard, and ask myself how can you always be too tired to enjoy life, but not when you’re working.

Hence my word “BALANCE”

You know, I was having a great conversation with my mom, and she said, I need to treat my blog like my baby. No matter how tired you are, you still need to feed the baby. That really hit home for me, and solidified my word of the year balance. I purchased several planners, to help aide me in my quest to balance it all. As you know, Accountability is key, and writing everything down will ultimately keep me on task.

When I first started blogging, I knew others that worked full time and for the life of me couldn’t figure out how they balance it all. After many DM (direct messages) of me inquiring, the one thing that stood out was: Anything worth having, you will find the time to make it work no matter what. I love blogging it’s a creative outlet for me, and I want to ensure I’m providing the best content for my readers.

Lookout 2018, I’m about to take over. I plan to attend more blogger events. Do more collaborating with other bloggers. If I want my blog to really grow, I have to put the same amount of work into it, like I do with my day job. My blog is where I share my fashions, but I hope to inspire others to take risks with their fashions as I do.

Until next time,





2 thoughts on “It’s All In The Word…”

  1. Balance is a great word sis! It’s not easy but it’s certainly not impossible! You will do great things in 2018 and I look forward to meeting you!!! So you can’t opt out lol!


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