Dare 2 Aspire Women’s Conference…


My Dainty Cakes.

I had the pleasure of attending the Dare 2 Aspire Women’s Conference June 25th, 2017 at Hotel Derek. I thought this was a perfect opportunity for me to network, and gain some valuable knowledge.  I had no idea that I would walk away from the conference, feeling so inspired. The honorees were phenomenal, and each one story touched me. Tosi Ufodike is the woman behind this amazing conference. This was the first time the conference was held in Houston, Texas. Tosi is a bestselling author, speaker, and creator behind the first vegan line of hair products for naturals, HairYum. The primary purpose of the conference is to encourage women and Mothers to start or grow their own business. I was ecstatic Tosi decided on our great city this year.


When you think of girl bosses, you want to remember these women. LaTavia Roberson was the keynote speaker and her story rocked my soul. LaTavia Roberson,  Orginal member of Destiny’s Child. Brittany King is the owner of The Career Collective. Denise Wedderburn, Houston makeup artist. Miss Mykie is a Recording artist and TV personality. Monique Hobbs Brand strategist and business manager.  Erin Cheeks owner of MsIndependent & Events Consultant. Kia Renee is the host of The Sessions Talk Show. Kecia Johnson, author and HIV/AIDS Educator. Each one in their own right is the epitome of what class and grace is. Not a dry eye insight, that’s how real and personal each story was. I asked LaTavia what does Dare 2 Aspire means to her and here is her response.



As I sat in my seat hearing all these stories, it really showed me what God has for you will be for you. These women may have face difficulties in their lives, but through it all they never lost their faith. When women come together great things can happen. That’s exactly how I felt seeing the love each one of these women had for one another. It was a genuine feeling, so I encourage each and every one of you, if you have the opportunity to attend the conference next year, please do. When was the last time you supported your fellow girl boss? I had to look at myself in the mirror when I asked myself that, because prior to the event, I hadn’t done a good job of that.

Let’s talk vendors. With so many to choose from, what was a girl to do. From the beautiful jewelry by Adriane R. Wiltse. The henna tattoo provided by Houston Mobile Henna. The cake, that left my mouth wanting more by My Dainty Cakes. Eleven22 Boutique, who had the cutest sunglasses that I just had to have. I not only walked away with product, I walked away with the most important thing. When women come together we can’t be stopped.

Houston Mobile Henna.


Tosi Ufodike the woman behind it all.




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