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Strawberry picking… 🍓

Photo credit: http://www.frobergsfarm

For two years now I’ve been wanting to visit Froberg’s Farm to experience picking strawberries. So, I finally was able to experience what it was like to actually go through aisle by aisle picking my very own strawberries. When I tell you I had a really great time, and I think my mom enjoyed herself as well. I was a little terrified initially, because I just don’t like bugs or bees. In my mind I kept thinking what if I get stung by a bee, to my surprise that didn’t happen. Very happy about that…


The farm is open seven days a week and located at 3601 West Hwy 6. Alvin, Texas 77511. If you live in the Houston area, this farm is a must see. They offer a wide range of fresh fruit, and vegetables. Strawberry picking usually starts in January and ends in late May. So, don’t get discouraged if you weren’t able to make it for strawberry picking this year. Visit their website at or on Facebook. They also offer the opportunity to pick your very own vegetables among many other fun things to do. Certain days are mapped out for particular vegetables. I’m looking forward to picking my own cherry tomatoes.

The farm is about 200 acres and has been in business since 1936 (according to the website). The current owners are Alfred and Nina Froberg, I didn’t get an opportunity to meet them on this trip, but hope to do so next time. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables they offer fried pies and so much more. This is why I say it’s a place you must visit. After picking all those strawberries, I had worked up quite an appetite. Just think, I didn’t have to leave the farm to get something to eat. I decided on a jalapeño and cheese sausage sandwich which was so tasty. The weather was perfect to sit outside in their outdoor seating area and eat my lunch.

Frobergs Farm gave me the best Sunday I’ve had in a while. Me and my mother bonding while picking strawberries was priceless. Although, I went to pick strawberries, I didn’t leave with just that. I was able to pick up items to make my own trail mix (great snack items), and some fresh veggies. When I made it home, I couldn’t wait to taste the strawberries because they looked so good, I was hoping they taste just as good as they look. Let’s just say I was very pleased, and I will definitely be back next year to do it all again.










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