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Navy with a little blush…


I just adore a solid color dress, as it can be paired with so many different styles of shoes. This navy OTS dress is apart of my collection I purchased from @rainbowshops. Don’t you just love pieces that are so versatile! The ruffles on the top is given me life beyond belief.

I was a little concern about the weather today, because the wind was whistling like crazy. All I kept thinking about, should I have worn this dress today. On days like this a loose fitting dress might not be the best decision. Well… let’s just say nothing could stop me from wearing this dress today.

My blush sandals, and purse completed my look and my day was ready to begin. The day was so much fun, why you ask? I got the opportunity to hang out with my sister. With our schedules sometimes it’s hard to get together. So we did quite a bit of shopping, and you know with all the walking we did, we worked up quite a bit of an appetite. Let’s just say Girls day are the best! I hope your Saturday was just as much fun as mine. Until next time.

Hugs and Kisses!








Shoes: Melrose


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