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Lace top with bell sleeve…


Happy Saturday everyone.
April is here, and I’m looking forward to great opportunities to come. Now, let’s talk about how adorable this white lace top is. Of course when I think of white, I always tell myself to be extra careful. It seems my luck with wearing white is never good. The detail on this top is remarkable. Very flirty, and most importantly feminine. I just can’t get enough of the bell sleeves. I only wish that the top came in other colors, I would have them all. That’s just how much I adore this top.


Now that I have this beauty, what do I wear it with? What say you, these distressed denim jeans with fringes (cute right) that was the look I was going for. Hugs in all the right places! A’gaci, has been the store to shop for cute affordable stylish jeans. This is my second pair, and I tell you I’m WINNING.

I didn’t want to take the focus away from the top, so I went with a more subdued necklace and earrings. How can you go wrong, with black and silver. Although quite cute, and their from my favorite store New York and Company. The enhancement they give the look, was one I couldn’t deny.

Finally, my shoes and bag. These red sandals with the clear block heel, made the entire outfit POP. Trust me when I say, these babies will be in heavy rotation for Spring and Summer. Every time I wear anything red, I think about my Creole  roots. Maybe it’s just me, but all things Louisiana is Fire! And that’s exactly what these red babies are. My multicolor bag, finished off the look.

Until next time loves, have a Beautiful day…

Top: JC Penney

Jeans: Agaci

Shoes: Agaci

Bag: Sam Moon

Necklace: New York and Company






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