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I shared this photo and message on Instagram yesterday, now I figured I would write what led me to post it. In having a conversation with my mom about people who are in your life and how supportive they may or not be, I had to think about my own life. I’ve never been one to look to others for validation and I wasn’t going to start now.


I’ve started this blog so many times, but never stuck with it out of fear that it wouldn’t be good enough for readers to view 😒. Well after my convo with moms, I’ve decided if know one reads it, that’s okay and I will be just fine. This will be my way of sharing my thoughts, and my fashions….


So,  as we go through this thing call Life, it’s always going to be someone that JUST don’t like you. Keep pushing and being the best YOU that you can be. Hate is such an UGLY word, as we need more love and compassion. People hate for so many reasons, one of the main reasons is they are unhappy with some things in their own life. So you see, when I found this T-shirt, I thought it spoke volumes. You can do everything in your power for people to like you, but sometime it just doesn’t happen. Don’t sweat the SMALL stuff.

Walk in your TRUTH!

However I’m very grateful for the people that I’ve met that has helped in my journey of LIFE… When you find those people, hold them near and dear to your heart!


Graphic Tshirt: Rainbow Shops-old

Jeans: New York and Company

Bag: Coach outlet

Booties: K & G Superstore


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